BgBurwell Photography

I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and raised in Laurel, Mississippi. I have deep Southern roots and am quite proud to be a “Southern Belle”. I have lived on the West coast, East coast and recently have gotten closer to the south with a much anticipated move to the great state of Virginia where I currently reside with my wonderfully supportive husband.

I am a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Fine Arts; where I studied art history, technique, design and composition. This formal training taught me how to balance and compose with color and form but it is my Grandmother who taught me both the love of art and of nature. I spent many hours at her side with my hands in the dirt planting and then admiring what came out of the ground in the Spring with childlike wonder. My Grandmother took her passion for nature and its spectacular colors to create beautiful pottery. This inspired me to bring my passion into my love of photography.

I am still in awe of what nature can do and many of my images are from my own gardens as well as other gardens and places around the world. My extensive travels have taken me to places that offer great visual interest. I shoot with a fine digital camera and spend many hours selecting just the right images and then fine-tuning and tweaking to get just the image I am looking for. I want to be close; I want you to be close. I want you to be part of the image, part of nature and life so you can feel it, smell it and be in awe of it too.

My work has shown in many juried fine art shows and in galleries, and my pieces have gone to homes all over the country and beyond. All of my images are original photographs signed and numbered. In the digital darkroom, I use filters and layers which adjust the surface of the image but all images are true. I hope you enjoy my work, and I hope you appreciate the natural beauty around you everyday.

Bobie Burwell

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